President Corner

Hello American Breeders! We just wrapped up another convention and want to say congratulations to our Open and Youth winners. Also a huge thank you to our show committee for planning the booth and raffle and taking on the tasks to make the American show run smoothly as possible.

We would like to say a big welcome to Danielle Lowe as our new Treasurer and Daralyn Wallace as Eastern director. We are always looking for help and have several committees that are open for member participation. The more people we can get involved the greater our club can be!

The most exciting news that almost here is 2017 marks our 100 year anniversary. Americans were first recognized in 1917 when presented as the American Blue by Lewis Salisbury. The whites came a few years afterwards. It peaked in popularity around 1950 and was in danger of being dropped as a breed not too long ago. We are still a rare breed but our numbers are climbing due to a dedicated group of breeders around the country. It is hard to pinpoint the exact numbers since many people who raise Americans do not show or join the national breed club. As we celebrate our 100 years in 2017 those that are members of the national club and know people who raise Americans that are not, please encourage them to join in this centennial year. The more members we have the more we can do to promote the breed.

It is important to remember that the American was developed as a meat and fur rabbit. The pelts were highly prized being one of the darkest blue colors at the time. Sometimes we forget that is was a fur rabbit as well as a meat rabbit. I invite breeders to carefully look at your rabbits and their fur. When the American was in danger of extinction a lot of things changed and we still see rabbits to this day with a very long fur, almost rollback fur. The correct fur for an American is flyback, not the rollback fur as you see on a Beveren or Flemish Giant. Also, we are seeing a lighter blue in many of the rabbits, the deep clear, dark, slate blue with color as far down the shaft as possible is ideal.

For our 100 year anniversary we have lots of ideas of possible contests to celebrate the American breed, so stay tuned. Our nationals will be at Mini Con in Ohio May 5-7, 2017. We are planning for this to be a great year to celebrate, we hope you will celebrate with us.

Jennifer Tiemann
BARNSC President

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